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Satik Andriassian
Matthew's unique combination of expressive musicality along with his thorough technical command sets him apart as one of the leading young classical guitarist. Matthew's dedication for performance as well as his original compositions and arrangements further gives him authority to be a caring and effective teacher in his field.
Marianne Ogden
Matthew played guitar at my art opening and provided a lovely atmosphere to complete the mood. He was also very flexible when we decided to move him outdoors to the where people were mingling in the courtyard. I was delighted with his music and the guests remarked that it added to the sweetness of the evening.
Ieva Pavilone
It was a pleasure having Matthew play at my partner's 40th birthday party! A very special moment - cool Summer's night, pool, candlelight, friends sitting around enjoying beautiful sounds of music, sending balloons with birthday wishes in the night sky.. so touching, beautiful and perfect! Matthew is a special kind of person, very talented!

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